The Challenge: Raise awareness to a younger audience about the destruction of ‘dirty’ unsustainable palm oil and deforestation.
Katie and Barney have always believed strongly in being kind to our planet and that everything and everyone should live in harmony with nature.
Sustainability is at the core of everything they do. They believe in using only 100% responsibly sourced palm oil, and knowing exactly what is in what you eat.
They want to be able to educate people to make the right choices for a better, sustainable and cleaner future.Therefore they ask you to 'know palm oil' because lots of leading environmentalists agree that promoting certified sustainably sourced palm oil will have a far more positive effect than just boycotting it. 
The Solution: A campaign to change peoples views and in result get more people using sustainably produced palm oil for the betterment of our planet and for nature. Ditch unsustainable palm oil! 
I wanted to create a campaign which celebrates the natural world. Kicking it off with an on-trend festival which asks people to 'know palm oil' to attract the target audience in a fun and engaging way.
The colour palette is bold and eyecatching taking inspiration from the natural world, whilst the variable typeface is used to show impact, transformation and making change for the betterment of our planet and nature.
Keywords: Organic, Transformation, Bold.
Shillington student project.

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