Yoga studio brand identity.

YOGA WITH NAOMI is a yoga studio based in London with the core mission to transform your body and relax your mind. 
Naomi the founder wanted a fresh new identity to attract new clients, as-well as retain existing regular members. She believes in finding your calm and reducing stress through movement and mindfulness, which is important for everyones mental wellbeing.  
 I designed a cohesive brand identity that can be used across all channels, from the studio's website, social media pages and merchandise.
The design direction is inspired by the concept of balance and flow, paired with a calm, muted colour palette which reflects the mood yoga embodies. 
The illustrative logo is an abstract representation of a yoga pose and the flow of movement. Reflecting the key words that drove the visual identity - fluidity, neutral and zen. 
The font represents the movement of yoga, but also reflects  strength through the strong edges, whilst the change in thickness of the lines are a nod to the distribution of weight during yoga poses. 

Key Words: Fluidity, Neutral, Zen 

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