The Challenge: Packaging and identity for an unusual demographic: A Soap for language interpreters.
The Solution:  RISE know the life on an interpreter is stressful and hectic. As a language interpreter you need to be focussed, so it was important to create a soap to empower, and ensure you are switched on from the get go everyday. 
Transform into a sharper state of mind. Unwrap an all natural sensory experience with RISE!
The design is inspired by the different countries and languages that an interpreter could be translating for.
Each soap is a reflection of 3 different countries showing the diversity of languages an interpreter may be translating for. With each bar specially tailored to each stage of the day - either helping you wake up and conquer your day, feel empowered or to unwind your mind. 
The gradient and patterns reflect the ever changing nature of an interpreters job.

Keywords: Personal, Empowering, Cultural.
Shillington student project.

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